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The home inspector performs a visible inspection of the exposed supply and waste distribution piping and fixtures, reporting any defects found in the system.

  • Interior water supply and distribution system
    - Piping materials,supports,insulation
    - Fixtures and faucets
    - Functional flow and leaks
    - Cross connections

  • Interior drain, waste, and vent system
    - Traps
    - Drain, waste and vent piping
    - Piping supports and pipe insulation
    - Leaks and functional drainage

  • Hot water systems:
    - Water heating equipment
    - Normal operating controls
    - Automatic safety controls
    - Chimney,flues,and vents

  • Fuel storage and distribution systems
    - Interior fuel storage equipment, supply piping, venting and supports
    - Leaks

  • Sump pumps