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  • What commercial buildings we inspect:
    - Apartment buildings
    - Office buildings
    - Strip shopping centers
    - Light industrial buildings
    - Rental properties
    - And more

  • Areas to be inspected:
    - The structure
    - The electrical system
    - The heating system
    - The air conditioning system
    - The ventilation system
    - The plumbing system and fixtures
    - The roof surface including flashings, drainage and chimneys
    - Interior components (concentrating on non-cosmetic considerations)
    - The exterior wall components, from the exterior, including doors, windows
    - Landscape components including walkways, driveways (excluding sewers) and retaining   walls.
    - Insulation spot-check

The assessment will meet or exceed the ASTM Standard E2018-01 for Property Condition Assessment unless indicated otherwise.

The report will be a professional opinion, based on the accessible, visible components and systems of the building. We evaluate the current physical condition; we do not perform a design analysis. We visually review the performance, looking for evidence of distress. It should be understood that there are limitations to such an inspection.Therfore, it should be understood that we can reduce the number of unforeseen repairs; however, we cannot eliminate them. Consequently, no guarantee or warranty can be offered or implied. The assessment does not include the operation of equipment.


Items excluded from proposal include, but are not limited to, fire protection equipment, fire regulation compliance, building code and municipal bylaw compliance, security systems, telecommunication systems, process and recreational equipment and appliances. If deemed necessary, any of the above could be included on an additional fee.

Rather than concentration on the presence or absence of wood boring insects such as termites or carpenter ants, the intent of the inspection is to discover significant visible structural damage caused by the insects. We do, however, recommend inspection by a specialist, especially in areas considered prone to termite problems.

No comment is offered on environmental concerns such as urea formaldehyde foam insulation, asbestos, radon gas or polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs).